About Me

As a child I lived in a house built next to a graveyard. I was very aware of psychic phenomena and would sense spirit around me.  Sometimes I would just ‘know’ things and thought that was completely normal, well it is, isn’t it?!  I would astral travel at night, and at age 19 I started having readings at Psychic Exhibitions and was told repeatedly that one day I would become one myself!

I moved to London then travelled Australia, professionally developing myself all the while with endless courses in tarot, clairvoyance,  reiki, healing, astrology,  numerology, palmistry, dream interpretation, past lives, soul mates, psychic development (animals and humans) hypnotherapy, mediumship and I’m now studying a relationship counselling degree.   I’m 100% dedicated to help you find your soul purpose and get you on the right life path.

My spirit guides give me the answers you need to hear, at your chosen time, in accordance with your highest well and good.  Allthough I believe in fate, I emphasise healing over prophecy and free will over dependency, giving you a reading sprinkled with with love, care and leaving you spellbound!

I love to reveal and make sense of life’s mysteries. 

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