About Me

My journey began at 20 when I moved from a sleepy English village to the bustling metropolis of London.  I was suddenly exposed to a colourful blending of cultures and spiritual practices and loved wandering around markets, exhibitions and new age shops where I was reeled in to healers’ and tarot readers’ stalls as if pulled by an invisible thread.   I continued working in administration and hospitality but enrolled in courses at every opportunity in spiritual development, tarot, reiki, crystal healing, counselling and astrology, all of which I am still passionate about and continually learning. I became aware of synchronisities and meaningful coincidences around me and realised the underlying spiritual causes of events.  After a year’s travelling, I emmigrated to Australia and retrained by getting diplomas in Health Science and Counselling; got married and had my two gorgeous little boys who are now very much big boys!   I did a business management programme, while working in a new age shop doing tarot. I then continued doing readings from home and at psychic events like the Mind Body Spirit Festival and Melbourne’s Psychic Expo. I have regular clients on a psychic line in Los Angeles and I also work at large events/parties and at Qi Crystals in Caulfield.  I offer services in Tarot, Palmistry, Reiki, Psychic Insights, Intuitive Healing, Meditation and Hypnotherapy.   I love to reveal and make sense of life’s mysteries.    

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