Advanced Tarot Mentoring


If you have completed my basic tarot course (or already have knowledge of the tarot) this monthly catch up is to hone your skills, flex your intuitive muscles, learn new tarot spreads and get inspired from other people’s interpretations.


Choose a question and a tarot spread and bring a photo of your spread on the day, so all participants can have a lively discussion on your   issue and put forward their own ideas about what the reading means.


This monthly catch up session will :-

  • Give your more confidence in your tarot consultations
  • Introduce you to different tarot spreads
  • Interpret some of the readings you have been doing on yourself or on others
  • Encourage you to tap into your intuition
  • Answer any burning questions
  • Get inspired and get your tarot mojo on!


We will be meeting on the last Wednesday of every month from 7.00 pm – 9.00 pm.


Investment: $50 a session.

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