Becoming a Better Healer, Shine Bright!

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I am honoured to have attuned 40 reiki channels over the last 3 years, many of whom are working professionally as practitioners, so I thought I’d do a blog today on becoming a better lightworker.  This is relevant to anyone,… Read More

Laughter Is The Best Medicine!

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Booking my tickets for the Melbourne Comedy Festival on April fool’s day today inspired me to write a few words on the importance of humour in our lives. “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone”… Read More

Who Were You In A Past Life?

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                  A doctor?  A soldier?  A musician or a High Priestess? “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards.”   I’ve just finished watching season 3 of the addictive… Read More

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Empaths

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                  Are you an empath? If you are reading this and you are a client of mine, you are most likely an empath. Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive and feel/absorb other’s emotions.  … Read More

We are all psychic!

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Are you psychic? It is my belief that we all are. As Russell Brand says “we all have access to daily infinite realms of power if we choose to tap into it.” It is our natural birth right and is… Read More

Spring Clean Your Life!

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                    Clearing energy is something that I teach my Reiki students, and this is something I personally do regularly to myself and my house to get the right vibes happening. At… Read More

Getting The Best Out of Your Reading

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From working at many exhibitions and psychic festivals over the years, I have noticed the occasional disappointment or sometimes confusion on some people’s faces when they are unprepared for their reading and perhaps didn’t get the answers they needed.  … Read More

Clearing Karmic Debts

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Do you feel like you are experiencing a series of bad luck or are you stuck in a rutt and feeling that life is unfair? As a healer, I am sometimes asked if I can remove black magic or curses.… Read More

Contacting Your Spirit Guide

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SPIRIT GUIDES Sometimes the answers we need come from within. Did you know each one of us has at least one spirit guide who offers guidance and support on your spiritual journey? This is an evolved being who has agreed… Read More