My Reiki Research Visit to Tokyo & Kyoto

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I just got back from a week in Japan, where I paid a visit to Dr.Usui’s grave and memorial in Tokyo and spent a day climbling and reflecting on Mt.Kurama near Kyoto, where he received his enlightenment.  The picture on… Read More

Palmistry Tip

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Usually your pinky finger is the shortest finger, but this is not the case for everyone. To decide what size that pinky is, look to where it lines up with the Apollo or ring finger. When the top of the… Read More

Buddhist Blessing in Byron Bay

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I have just got back from my holiday on the Queensland/NSW border where I had fun jumping in the turquoise waves, watching dolphins jump as high as a two storey house and screaming with terror on some twisting, turning and… Read More

Benefits of Reiki

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A 2013 paper published called ‘Inegrative Cancer Therapies’ revealed very good results for cancer patients receiving reiki treatment.   They claimed to observe more than 50% decrease in distress (from 3.80 to 1.55), anxiety (from 4.05 to 1.44), depression (from… Read More

What’s New In Spring

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Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung and the sunshine is returning to the Southern Hemisphere, melting away the chill;  time to come out of hibernation everyone!   Hurray for Game of Thrones and all the other TV series that kept… Read More

Red Kite At Sunset in Bali

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The 13th June held mixed emotions for me.  On the one hand, I was on a tour in the beautiful Ubud (Bali) which captivated me with lush rice fields, a steaming volcano, bustling roads and mischievious monkeys.  Dangerous but intriguing!  … Read More

A Tarot Spread on a Mysterious Murder

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I have just finished a thought-provoking and page-turning book called ‘5 drops of blood’ by Paul Wilson, which examines the events around the imprisonment of Andrew Fitzherbert, a peace-loving palm reader from Brisbane who ran a spiritualist church and meditation… Read More

Good news for Reiki Clients!

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I have got my fingers crossed for the Reiki Community while The Australian Government is reviewing private health insurance rebates for natural therapies this year.  Reiki has not received rebates since 2008, but Reiki Australia submitted a review, which will… Read More

Intuitive Healing

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I am pleased to say I am now a certified Meliae Intuitive Practitioner as from this weekend!  I spent Saturday practicing this healing art and learning about the causes of dis-ease in the body, the two main topics being stress… Read More