Keeping Negative Entities At Bay

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Today is Halloween, so what better day to be writing about negative entities, spooky influences and things that go bump in the night?   The radio conversations on my journey to work were all about hauntings, visitations and unexplained metaphysical phenomena,… Read More

Becoming a Better Healer, Shine Bright!

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I am honoured to have attuned 40 reiki channels over the last 3 years, many of whom are working professionally as practitioners, so I thought I’d do a blog today on becoming a better lightworker.  This is relevant to anyone,… Read More

Setting Healthy Boundaries for Empaths

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                  Are you an empath? If you are reading this and you are a client of mine, you are most likely an empath. Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive and feel/absorb other’s emotions.  … Read More

Spring Clean Your Life!

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                    Clearing energy is something that I teach my Reiki students, and this is something I personally do regularly to myself and my house to get the right vibes happening. At… Read More

Clearing Karmic Debts

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Do you feel like you are experiencing a series of bad luck or are you stuck in a rutt and feeling that life is unfair? As a healer, I am sometimes asked if I can remove black magic or curses.… Read More

My Reiki Research Visit to Tokyo & Kyoto

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I just got back from a week in Japan, where I paid a visit to Dr.Usui’s grave and memorial in Tokyo and spent a day climbling and reflecting on Mt.Kurama near Kyoto, where he received his enlightenment.  The picture on… Read More

Benefits of Reiki

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A 2013 paper published called ‘Inegrative Cancer Therapies’ revealed very good results for cancer patients receiving reiki treatment.   They claimed to observe more than 50% decrease in distress (from 3.80 to 1.55), anxiety (from 4.05 to 1.44), depression (from… Read More

Good news for Reiki Clients!

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I have got my fingers crossed for the Reiki Community while The Australian Government is reviewing private health insurance rebates for natural therapies this year.  Reiki has not received rebates since 2008, but Reiki Australia submitted a review, which will… Read More

Intuitive Healing

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I am pleased to say I am now a certified Meliae Intuitive Practitioner as from this weekend!  I spent Saturday practicing this healing art and learning about the causes of dis-ease in the body, the two main topics being stress… Read More