Code of Ethics

  • I will not judge you by your race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, education, upbringing, nationality, political leanings, health, disabilities or financial status.
  • I will provide guidance and tell you what I am being shown to the best of my ability. Sometimes my messages contain symbols more meaningful to you than me, which I will interpret as best I can; it is your own interpretation that is the most valuable.
  • I will set aside a space and uninterrupted time to do your reading. I will treat it with seriousness and compassion.
  • I will answer your questions as promptly and honestly as I can.
  • I am not a doctor, lawyer, accountant or mental health practitioner. Therefore any comment I make on these topics is not to be taken as professional advice, it is supportive guidance.
  • I offer you free will to create your own reality. I may point out one possibility based on your current circumstance, but this can change depending on your attitude and actions. You are in control of your own life.
  • If necessary, I will take the steps to give emergency information or contact the necessary law enforcement agencies. For example, if I feel you are at risk of harm or risk harming another.
  • Everything you tell me is in confidence and no readings, personal information or stories will be shared with a third party or entity unless in an emergency situation.
  • I respect your own religious and spiritual beliefs and will not try to impose any belief system on you.
  • I do not cast spells or claim to bring lovers together by psychic means, I strengethen visualisation and empowerment
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