Intuitive Counselling

I promote a self-awareness, highlighting choices and changes that can be integrated to enhance your life on the deepest level.


We are enrolled in an informal school called ‘life.’ We signed up to this school to learn lessons, which will enable our soul to grow and evolve. Intuitive counselling will unlock any area of your life that you may have buried, to allow you to progress in a more confident, philosophical, calm and accepting approach.

Intuitive counselling provides support from someone who cares and to whom we can speak openly without fear of judgment. I listen with all my senses, intuiting if what is being said is what the client really means. I will then ask questions to reveal the real reason behind what is causing the issue. This unravels ingrained, false belief systems and highlights how these negative thoughts are altering perspectives.

I encourage healing over prediction and empowerment over dependency.   My technique will give you the toolbox you need to make the necessary changes to your life yourself, by tapping into your own unique power.

A consultation with Andrea will give you a new perspective about whatever is troubling or confusing in your life.  Many people consult Andrea regarding:

  • Relationships Personal or Business
  • Are we compatible in our Relationship
  • Relationship Advice, Personal or Business
  • Personal Problems
  • Emotional Challenges
  • Emotional Healing
  • Career
  • Finances

I can help you look at your life in a different way.

Andrea has many years experience in healing, counselling and consulting and your deepest feelings and emotions will be nurtured with her gift.



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