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All my readings are conducted with truth, integrity and best intention from the heart.  I am 100% dedicated to give you the guidance you need in accordance with your higher self, your spirit guides and your destiny blue print.  This helps with potentials and pitfalls on your path.

By making a connection on the phone or internet, I can tune in to your energy, identify blocks and read in-between the lines.  My tarot and oracle cards are tools that help me to see the underlying spiritual causes effect you.  Once you can see this, you can master your destiny by learning from its wisdom.  This is combined with my remarkable clairvoyant abilities to give you specifics.

Life is a process of cause and effect.  I can highlight causes of actions and help you to make evolutionary changes.  My readings are especially powerful during periods of confusion or transition. Once I have given you a better understanding yourself, you have insights into who you are, why you are here, what you are made up of and what the future holds. 

‘Andrea is a well-travelled and world class psychic reader who will guide you in the right direction, reveal all the possibilities and leave you spellbound with her predictions and intuition, leaving you wondering “How did she know that?” ‘  Wisdom and Dreams Psychic Exhibitions, Melbourne


Popular topics for readings include:

  • Finding love/how is my relationship?
  • Improving finances
  • Career
  • Karmic influences
  • Past lives
  • 6 month/1 year forecast
  • Spirit guides, what are your challenges teaching you?


To organise a tarot consultantion, please:-

  • Set up a zoom/facetime account
  • Pay by using paypal to paypal address
  • Email me to arrange a time at with your user name
  • I will contact you at your chosen time
  • For an extra $10 I can send you a write-up of the reading
  • Have your questions ready

Some of the tools I use, other than the tarot, can be:-

Astrology – 

Andrea uses astrology as a powerful tool for understanding your character and the world around you.  From drawing up your natal chart, she can give you advice on what is affecting your behaviour, talents, flaws and abilities, how you deal with situations and what issues to be aware of.  She can also check your compatibility with your partner, boss, family members, friends or loved ones and advise what to look out for, to keep the harmony flowing.


Your name and date of birth were no mistake!  These numbers carry significant vibrations which determine your life path, destiny, karmic influences and soul purpose.  From your date of birth and full name at the time of your birth, Andrea can help you to identify these important effects and calculate what to expect in your personal year and the following year.


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