“The mind is everything, what we think we become” – Buddah

Palmistry is a method of counselling that originated in India over 3,000 years ago. It is a part of a vast field of study, referred to as Samudrik Shastra, which literally means the ocean of knowledge. The original intent of palmistry was for personality assessment and counselling. Our emotional tendencies, social attitudes, conscious awareness and subconscious fears, blockages and strengths can be understood in great detail through this in-depth system. You cannot make predictions with palmistry. However, since there is a definite mind-body connection, we know that negative or positive thinking affects our well being.  Looking at someone’s hands in detail can help individuals to tap into their hidden potential and guide them towards their goals.  It is useful for discovering one’s nature, aptitudes, and hidden potential, marriage compatibility and career. Palmistry is best seen as a dynamic process. The lines of the hand are not carved in stone. Since the lines of the hand reflect our thinking, as our attitudes and behaviour patterns change, the lines reflect these changes. The lines physically change as our thinking changes. In fact, you can see distinct changes in as little as three months. I recently set up a Facebook page with a friend called the ‘Australian Palmistry Network.’  Like us on FB and send us a photo of your hand and we will give you a brief hand analysis for free.  We are professional readers who are constantly learning, so we’d be happy to make you part of our research project.   Palmistry and personality assessment can be included into a one hour tarot reading or conducted on it’s own for half an hour and prices are:

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