I promote a self-awareness, highlighting choices and changes that can be integrated to enhance your life on the deepest level.

Counselling with me is an opportunity to reflect, self-regulate, unlock any area of your life that you may have buried and set some realistic goals.  Sometimes talking to a non-bias, confidential stranger who really understands your own personal world view is the best thing you can do to evolve.

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My counselling sessions provide compassionate support and an opportunity to really be heard.  I listen with all my senses, intuiting if what is being said is what the client really means. I will then ask questions to reveal the real reason behind what is causing the issue. This unravels ingrained, false belief systems and highlights how these negative thoughts are altering perspectives.

My technique will empower you to create and use your own toolbox at testing times, to overcome personal challenges and find personal resolve.

My consultations will give you a new perspective about whatever is troubling or confusing in your life.  Many people consult me on:

  • Relationships
  • Personal Problems
  • Emotional Challenges
  • Mental and Physical Health
  • Adjusting to life stages
  • Financial issues
  • Addictions


I am 3/4 way through a Batchelor of Counselling Degree with The Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors and have studied in depth psychology, relationships, sociology, human development, grief, communication skills and codes & ethics.

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30 mins, 60 mins


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