Skype Readings

All my readings are conducted with truth, integrity and your best intentions at heart; to give you the guidance you need for your highest well and good.

A face-to-face skype reading is a good alternative if you can’t visit me in person, if you are in a different country or just don’t feel like leaving the house.  I shuffle the cards and choose them for you, which is just as effective.  I can help with the following:-

  • Career
  • How to improve your finances
  • Relationship compatibility
  • How to bring love and romance into your life
  • Finding out who your spirit guide is and what they are guiding you towards
  • General 6 month life spread
  • General 1 year life spread

To organise a skype tarot consultantion, please:-

  • Set up a skype account
  • Pay by using paypal to paypal address
  • Email me to arrange a time at with your skype address
  • I will skype you at your chosen time, my skype address is illuminations100
  • For an extra $10 I can send you a write-up of the reading
  • Have your questions ready

Prices for Skype Readings (national and international)

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