“The best way to predict the future is to create it” Abraham Lincoln

The tarot is the mirror of the soul.  It is a tool that helps us to realise there is an underlying spiritual cause that effects us.  Therefore we can shape or master our destiny by learning from its wisdom.  It is an ancient esoteric tool with its first records being traced back to Northern Italy and it has been passed down since the 14th century, spreading throughout Europe with the fortune-telling gypsies.

It seems to have started off as a card game but many believe it was used to train psychics.

These days we longer believe our fate is pre-determined like they did in the middle ages, it is more a process of cause and effect.  The tarot cards can help us realise the causes of our actions and make changes so we can continue on to the next stage of our development.  It is especially powerful during periods of confusion or transition.

It provides signposts to our future and guides us on to the right pathway so we can discover our true purpose.

I have many years of experience with the tarot, a tool that I am constantly learning about.  I use natural intuition in my tarot readings and draw upon a wealth of study and practice in mediumship, spirit communication and metaphysical science, healing and counselling.  I am a professional member of both the Tarot Guild of Australia and The Australian Psychics Association.

Your higher self picks the cards and mirrors what your soul wants illuminated.  I then focus on these cards to guide you in the right direction and reveal all the possibilities.  It prevents the same mistakes being made over and over again and helps to produce the best outcome and the authentic self.  I use posititivity not negativity, healing over prediction and empowerment over dependency.  Understanding ourself brings us the gift of free will.

Numerology is also used in an in depth reading because your date of birth and the numbers in your name are very significant with your life path.  Once we have a better understanding of what these numbers mean, we have insights into who we are, why we are here, what we are made up of and what the future holds for us.  We can discover our abilities, special talents and skills, identify peak moments in our lives, overcome challenges and determine our destiny.

Timing is very significant once you know your numerology and your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy in connection with past life and life purpose influences.


Popular topics for readings include:

  • Finding love/how is my relationship?
  • Improving finances
  • Career
  • Karmic influences
  • 6 month/1 year forecast




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