Here is what some people are saying about me:-  

“Thank you very much for my outstanding reading, I thoroughly enjoyed reading the information in which you had provided for me. I’m not only shocked but more so thrilled with your reading as I feel the information in which you have provided certainly has come at the right time, especially from the vocational perspective as I’m currently midway through a significant change as we speak. You nailed it! 🙂  It’s highly evident that your gift is something deep within you and you really do have such a pure heart!”  Semra, Melbourne 

“Andrea Lowrey is the first Tarot Card Reader/Clairvoyant I’ve been to that was 100% correct in everything she told me, she is absolutely a miracle! She is wonderful! She has done so much for me and her advice was the best I could ever receive from anyone. With all my big problems I’ve had and when I felt so hopeless and sad and upset, when I didn’t know what to do anymore, Andrea helped me.  She pulled me through all these very difficult times in my life. Without her I couldn’t do this. She gives you so much hope and courage. She has the most beautiful personality and you feel comfortable and happy to talk to her about anything. She is understanding too. I admire the work she does, she is very special and I will never go to any other Reader. She is the best!”  Amanda, Melbourne


“Thanks so much Andrea for your beautiful insight and patience with me.  You are a divine soul.  You truly left me uplifted when I had my reading with you.  Thank you.”  Jen, Mount Martha


“I was looking for a Clairvoyant/Tarot Card Reader, and all of a sudden I came across Andrea Lowrey’s Page and immediately I felt that I need to contact her. And it is the best thing I could done in my life!! I’ve got urgent personal problems and the advice Andrea gave me was wonderful and the Reading was 100% correct! I couldn’t believe when I read the Reading. She is fantastic! I will stay with her for all my Readings and Advice she gives me, everyone can trust her 100%. She is very special person and she really care a lot about other people to be there to assist them with any problem they might have. I love her Website especially this one with the beautiful Face of this girl it is wonderful! Amanda van Vuuren, Dandenong



“Andrea is a true Artist of the Tarot. Her understanding of their use and meaning is second to none. She also uses her considerable intuition to bring forth further information so that her Clients receive the best possible guidance. Andrea always gives what you need to hear – as I have experienced many times! – in a kind and loving manner. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking life guidance.”  Bernie, Hastings  


“Such an amazing insightful woman! It’s been so wonderful to do Andrea’s tarot course, I highly recommend it if you are curious or want to learn more about the cards and tapping into your own intuition! Thanks Andrea” Simone, Mentone  


“I did Andrea’s Reiki 1 and 2 courses and they were FANTASTIC – Andrea is patient and highly intuitive, the perfect Reiki Master to teach the art of Reiki- Highly recommend for a relaxing and informative day. If you have ever through about taking your learning further – this is the course to do!”  Chantal, Beaumaris  


“Andrea, Thank you so much for the reading. I did not know what I was expecting but what I was provided with was dead on accurate. I am amazed that you read me so well, especially from a distance. I have bookmarked your website for future readings and this yearly reading will really help and guide me.  Stacey, Melbourne  


“What I loved about Andrea’s tarot course was that we could be creative and explore our intuition in a way we felt comfortable, whilst at the same time gaining confidence and knowledge of the tarot and it’s meanings.  I would recommend anyone and everyone to do Andrea’s courses that she will soon be creating!  I enjoyed every moment because it was light-hearted and open.”  Andrea, Highett  


“Andrea, you were a huge hit at my hen’s party on Saturday.  Everyone was dubious at first, but your fabulous readings and approachable nature won them over!  So many of my guests found your readings to be intuitive and spot on with their current situations.  It was fabulous to meet you, thoroughly professional, and I’m so happy you were able to be a part of my celebrations for the evening. I’m going to tell everyone I can about your services.”  Sincerely yours, Victoria, Melbourne.  


“I want to thank you Andrea from the bottom of my heart for your amazingly accurate readings…..Before being led to you, which in itself was under unusual circumstances for me…. I had come to a halt with emotional confusion and despair…..With your genuine, honest, and accurate insight, you helped guide me in a direction, which enabled me to continue my healing journey from a broken heart…….I felt drawn to you and somehow I knew that you were a person I needed to see….You and your gift are a blessing to all people who need Soul healing….Until the next time I see again Andrea….May God take great care of you” George, Werribee


“Sometimes you just need someone that’s unconnected to your friends and family to listen and give guidance.  You be unsure about making a major decision and perhaps lost.  Andrea is that person that I go to when I need some backing up of my thoughts.  I see a reading as not something you have to be secretive about your life, I can tell Andrea something and get some answers.  You don’t have to speak to any of your family or friends you can just speak to Andrea.  I don’t necessarily take all that is given to me as gospel.   I think about what I’ve been told and make my decision accordingly, it settles me and gives me some direction.”  Anonymous, Albert Park


I really enjoyed Andrea’s tarot course and I am still continuing my daily tarot journal to understand the tarot more. You have done a wonderful job in training us up in learning the tarot. Well done!! Also, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with us too, as I have fulfilled my dream of learning how to read tarot cards.”  Mark, Highett


“I was feeling tired, lack lustre and generally not quite right.  I decided that I wanted to work on my overall health and wellbeing and booked a half hour Reiki treatment from Andrea.  I was absolutely surprised at how relaxed my body was, I didn’t go to sleep but was certainly in another zone.   For the first time in a long time I slept the entire night, I went to work feeling relaxed, to the point that my colleagues commented how relaxed I was.I will continue my journey of making great life decisions and living a healthy stress free life with the help I get from Andrea and I have no hesitation at all in recommending Andrea.”  Mrs M, South Melbourne


We had Andrea at my sister’s hens night to do reading for whom ever wanted one, after a few readings it was clear that everyone did, all 50 something of them. Andrea was very flexible and as able to stay for longer than what we had first agreed to so that all the girls could have their cards done.   The feedback was great and everyone was enlightened by their readings. It was a great activity to have at the hens night and created interesting conversations and many a laugh.  Thanks so much Andrea. I would certainly recommend your service to anyone.   Brenda, Frankston


  “My first reading with Andrea was wonderful, it was relaxing, thorough and I felt at ease. The cards related to different times and personal feelings that I have encountered throughout the past year and I feel that I have a lot more clarity for my future. I would recommend Andrea to all, a truly lovely warm experience.”  Laura, Mount Martha  


“Having called on Andrea’s guidance over a matter here in the UK, all I can do is vouch for her integrity and cannot recommend her work highly enough.  Being overseas did not prove an obstacle and I will certainly be recommending her to as many people as I can, her help is invaluable.  Do not hesitate if you are thinking of booking a reading or treatment 🙂 Many thanks Andrea.”  Sophie, Kent  


“Dear Andrea, you made my hens night so special.  Thank you so much for your generous time and spirit, the girls loved you.  I will recommend you highly to anyone wanting to do something like this, it was so much more fun than any other kind of entertainment.”  Carly, Port Melbourne  


“My Mum recently had a skype reading from the UK with Andrea, who put her at ease straight away and gave a very relaxing, welcoming experience.  We recommend Andrea’s work highly and have no hesitation telling friends to use her services.  If you are hesitant about skype readings, be assured that it’s totally worthwhile and very easy.  Many thanks Andrea, your help is invaluable.”    S Davis, London  


“Andrea is a warm-hearted and caring person who has a holistic approach and a true skill for making people feel at ease and at peace with themselves and their world. I was first introduced to Andrea at the South Melbourne Night Market in October 2012. I was generally quite sceptical, however decided to try a 15 minute tarot reading. I was with a friend and thought it would be fun. I am pleased to say I was so impressed that I have continued to see Andrea for massage, Reiki and spiritual guidance in Beaumauris where she practices. The tarot reading was highly insightful and through the Reiki sessions I have learnt about my areas of weakness and how to work on them.”  Miranda, South Melbourne


“I had a tarot, palm and numerology reading with Andrea Lowrey and I was blown away with her accuracy and future forecast.  I truly enjoyed the experience as I am interested in all things mystical.    Andrea is a lovely and friendly person who makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.  I will definitely be going back to Andrea for another reading and I highly recommend her, she is the best reader I have been to.”  Mark, Moorabbin  


“I believe Andrea is truly gifted; having experienced a tarot reading from her I discovered not only could she describe my past accurately, but also the situations predicted in money, love and travel had eerily come true”  Elizabeth, London


“I found Andrea to be a really friendly, confident and knowledgeable card reader. She took me on a real journey looking at aspects of my life that I would not normally even think about. She helped to give me confidence to think about things for myself rather than just the family all the time. Andrea was able to see that I would be able to stride out and manage my own life particularly in business. Since my reading I have started my own Personal Training business and six months on from starting the business things are going really well. I have learnt a new trade, started a new business in my 40’s and love working for myself in an industry that I find very rewarding, fun and fits in perfectly with the rest of my life. Thanks Andrea X” Liz, Hampton, Melbourne


“I have had tarot readings with Andrea over the last four years. I continue to go back to her not only because she has been very accurate and helpful, she gives her readings with compassion and warmth. Her readings have been helpful in many areas of my life.”  Dee, Footscray, Melbourne


“My palmistry reading with Andrea Lowrey was very accurate and insightful.  I found Andrea to be quite intuitive as well as accurate with what she was telling me. No one could have possibly known my life experiences except my self.  Andrea was able to pick up on this. Very spot on I found.” Giustina, Beaumaris, Melbourne



  “Thank you for hosting the readings at our hen party Andrea, I have received really positive feedback from the girls and many would like to see you again for personal readings.  I am keeping your details on hand for future references!”  Sharon, Kew


  “Your healing sent to me today, has been so overwhelming, productive, positive and was certainly felt…I thank you!”  George, Melbourne  


“Andreas reading was insightful and it gave me perspective on my main issues.  I found her to be genuine and she has a positive optimistic nature. I felt like I was on the right track after her reading.”  Susan, Beaumaris    

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